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This was among the entries for a “forgiveness post card” contest.  I thought it was incredibly powerful and could mean so much for so many.  We are all silenced at times… intentional or not… what silences you?  Do you now fly?  Is there anything I can do?



I just read a blog that caused me to ask “Does having the where-with-all to be rersilient make it easier to be happy or vice versa?” What is the “it” that builds within each of us the ability to find happiness? Does happiness develop in our souls and bubble up or do we experience life with varying degrees of happiness and fill our souls with the outcome?

I think that maybe “it” is part choice, part nurture, part learned. I wish it was simpler. If it were, we would have an amazing prescription to give to children (and their parents) that would assure their capacity to be succesful, reach their personal potential. I may not have always made the best decisions in my life, and everything hasn’t always gone my way, but I believe that I am successful because I was told that I could be, given the modeling that demonstrated how it was accomplished, and because I believe in something larger than myself – and that things happen as they should, when they should, just not always on my time. I believe that what I release to the world is what I will receive in return. Am I basically happy and that gives me strength? Or does my resilience provide the strength to overcome adversity? Hmmm…