Complex and contradictory

Sometimes I think we are probably all a little schizophrenic.  But that is really neither here nor there.  I had one of those convoluted millisecond thought sequences earlier today that risked causing my brain to explode.  The point comes later, but here’s how it went… I was headed to a funeral, second one for this family in a week. Very sad, but only for those left behind.  Peaceful for those whose lives were no longer their own. But faith and the words of well-intended mourners tell us that we will all be together again in the future (a momentary flash of “the rapture” and a chuckle about everyone disappearing at the same time).  Those now anticipated reunions are supposed to give comfort, and most of the time they do, to some degree.  But one of the most comforting things is the thought that those departed are never really gone, we are not alone – their sick bodies become whole, they are reunited with those that went before, they live in infinite bliss, are all-knowing and become guardian angels. 

Okay, here’s the point… or the question… What good does it do to spend our lives living the way we think someone else wants us to live and justify our actions (or lack of actions) by saying that we can’t/won’t “do” something until after “add name/relationship here” is dead? We don’t want to disappoint, etc. So… someone dear passes on and the next thing you know you’ve got a tattoo (well, that’s what I did – you get the idea)  … The contradiction – we talk about the comfort of knowing they are still with us… We give them omnipresent and omnipotent powers after death.  So do we think that our guardian angels just don’t care anymore (more questions…)? Do we think that because they’re in heaven, and everything is perfect, that somehow they are protected from the things that would have upset them on earth? Or do we decide that we don’t have to feel guilty if we don’t have to see the look in their eyes or hear the disappointment in their voice?

Well, I know that I said “the point” would come, but apparently I was wrong.  Perhaps the philosophical voice inside my head just got carried away – again.  It only served to remind me that we are complex beings, living in a complex world, and that we are all fodder for a study of contradictions.


One thought on “Complex and contradictory

  1. Walker

    Good point… ’cause if we believe they’re around to ‘watch over us’ they might just be able to watch everything! My motto has changed to something like, why sacrifice for……, she’ll die soon and I’ll have given up what I wanted. I’ve given up trying to be the good girl, as you might have noticed!


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